What to do in Zante

Whether you prefer relaxing on the beach and enjoying local cuisine or dancing to the early hours, Zante has a huge range of resorts to suit everyones taste.

Discover the beaches

Apart from Shipwreck beach, Zante is host to wide range of sandy and pebble beaches for you to visit and enjoy.

Explore the Sights

A jaw dropping landscape presents many beautiful views and sights to enjoy, from the high cliff tops to the gorgeous sandy beaches and islets there’s no shortage of places to visit.

Try the local cuisine

The island’s cuisine originates in the rural tradition together with the elements passed down from the Venetians.

Zante by Night

Zante island is home to a collection of fantastic nightclubs and bars, where thousands of people flock to every year to party till the sun comes up.

Try the local products

In Zante, like in every Greek island, the raw materials produced on the island take the lead.

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