Festivals & Religious Feasts

Throughout the year, there are many festivals and traditions that take place on the island. These festivals date back to folk times and are mainly connected to religious worship and the traditions are kept up to present day. If you are lucky enough to be party to one of the many great festivities, expect great wine and food amongst truly incredible scenes. The most prominent of these festivities are that of St. Dionysios, the Carnival and Easter.

St. Dionysios

St. Dionysios is celebrated twice per year- August 24th and December 17th. These days celebrate the protector of the island. August 24th sees a magical procession of the Saint around Zante Town amongst other festivities and fireworks.


Dating back to Venetian times, the carnival period takes place over two weeks. During this time Zakynthians organise the feast that attracts countless visitors from all over Greece with classic masquerade balls. This celebration concludes with a historic ritual, The Mask Funeral.


Easter across Greece is a very special and spiritual time and in Zante of course this is no different. The focal point of this festival is procession of the Byzantine icon of the Holy Mother of Chryssopigi, which is carried through the city streets to San Marco square. At midnight the priest takes a candle and lights a chain of candles which progressively give light to the entire square- a mesmerising sight.

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